Collection: Lessons and Workshops

Looking to get your hands dirty and learn the art of pottery? We've got you covered! 

Two hour -  Wheel Throwing:  (2 hours from setup to cleanup and includes materials) - $80

One hour -  Hand-building:  (1 hours from setup to cleanup and includes materials) - $50


We offer a couple different types of workshops, Hand building and Wheel throwing. 


  • Hand-building workshops will focus on creating a specific piece or pieces which may change monthly. 
  • Wheel throwing workshops are more experiential, however depending on how quickly you pick it up, you will be able to choose your 2 best pieces for us to finish up for you and choose a glaze color.
  • With both workshops you will leave the glaze color with us, and we will fire your piece and have it ready for you to pick up around one week later. We can also ship it to you for an added fee if you are out of town or it is more convenient.
  • Sign up below, all classes need at least 3 to make, if the workshop time you choose doesn't fill up we will contact you and try to find one that works.