Wheel Throwing Workshop

Wheel Throwing Workshop

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**This class if for ages 12 and up. Anyone 12-16 years of age must have an adult in the class with them.**

2 hour Hand Throwing Workshop. meets from 1-3pm  (2 hours and includes materials) - $80

Come in and get your hands in the clay. Learn the basics of throwing or “turning” clay on the potter’s wheel. This workshop is mostly skill based. But you will have the option to send a piece through to firing and leave the finishing details with us. We will fire and glaze your piece and have it ready for you about a week or 2 later. We can also ship it to you, for an added fee, if you are out of town, or it is more convenient.

**All tickets are non-refundable, and any requests to change dates or cancel must be received 5 days in advance of the class date. 

*All Classes have a 3 student minimum. If a class you purchased doesn’t have 3 students within a week of the class date, we will work to combine classes and may contact you to get you in a class that will work out.