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Black Oak Art - Your Trusted Handcrafted Pottery Supplier 

Welcome to Black Oak Art, your go-to source for handcrafted pottery in Waco, TX. Our expertise lies in handmade ceramics. From our custom ceramic mugs to other bespoke pottery pieces, each piece gets touched by the hands of at least six different artisans. As a leading handcrafted pottery supply, we've mastered the art of hand thrown mugs and unique pottery pieces that represent your business or home, dive into our story to discover how.


Our Expertise: Hand Crafted Ceramics 

At Black Oak Art, we pride ourselves on being able to produce a wide array of handmade ceramics. While our production volume could easily lend itself to assembly line processes, we are committed to preserving the beauty of the craft. Every piece of pottery we create undergoes the touch of skilled hands, ensuring a handmade touch and the fluidity of the clay in each creation.


Artisan making hand thrown ceramics at Black Oak Art, a premier handcrafted pottery supplier


Our History: The Custom Ceramic Mug

We started our journey in 2013 making our first custom ceramic mugs as a small garage operation. Since then, we have evolved into an established handcrafted pottery supplier, employing over 20 Waco locals, including many studying artists. Jonathan Martin, the founder, started throwing pottery in high school, studied Studio Art at Baylor University, and eventually transitioned to pottery full-time after teaching and working briefly in Silicon Valley. Since then, you might recognize us for our hand thrown custom ceramic mugs, featuring logos for businesses such as Café Du Monde, Pine Cove Summer Camps, and for Chip and Joanna Gaines in their Magnolia Market.

 A collection of custom ceramic mugs that were made from hand thrown mug bodies at Black Oak Art


The signature Black Oak coffee mug originated from Jonathan's desire to create something both beautiful and functional. What started as a small venture soon grew into a business that is now Texas’s premier manufacturer of handmade ceramics. 


Our passion lies in collaborating with clients like Joanna Gaines from Magnolia to create the perfect mug or head chef Cory from Milo to develop restaurant quality dishware that aligns with their aesthetics. Despite the increase in production volume, Black Oak Art remains committed to the handmade process, fostering a community of artists dedicated to perfecting their craft. 


Handmade custom ceramic plate made by Black Oak Art, Texas's premier pottery manufacturer of handmade ceramics 


Let us be your choice for the perfect handmade ceramics customized for your business or home. As your trusted handcrafted pottery supplier, we invite you to explore our diverse offerings. Experience the beauty of handcrafted ceramics and the dedication of our community of artists as we bring your vision to life, one unique piece at a time. 


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