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Horseshoe Mug | Mackenzie

Horseshoe Mug | Mackenzie

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These unique mugs are hand-thrown, hand-carved, and mono-printed*, giving each mug its own one-of-a-kind quality. This mug is perfect for mornings when you need gentle encouragement with a hint of quirkiness.


*Mono-printing onto clay is a printmaking process that involves layering colored slip (like thick, clay-based paint) in a reverse and mirrored order to create the layers of color that will make up the image on the piece. This slip is painted onto paper, dried, and then transferred onto the surface of the clay. The slip transfer will never produce the same results from piece to piece, resulting in completely one-of-a-kind pieces anytime this process is used, (just like in printmaking). 

For these pieces, Mackenzie utilized the process of mono-printing onto the clay surface, and then hand-carved the design over the mono-printed color wash. This carving process creates a crisp image layer over the mono-printed color, and further establishes the uniqueness and care put into each individual piece. 

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